KING – We Are King

KING – We Are King
Release date
05 February 2016
KING – We Are King
05 February 2016 | Soul

Alternative R&B group King features twins Amber and Paris Strother and Anita Bias. The self-contained trio made waves in 2011 when, on March 1, they issued a digital three-song EP — produced by Paris — that resembled reinterpretations of imaginary recordings made by Stevie Wonder’s background vocalists Wonderlove. By the end of March, their video for the EP’s “The Story” had racked up nearly 40,000 views, a number achieved with the support of Erykah Badu and the Roots’ Questlove, among others. Rather than flood the market with new material, the group’s subsequent releases trickled out slowly, surely. In 2013, they released only “In the Meantime” as a solitary track and appeared on the Red Hot + Fela compilation with “Go Slow.” The following year, “Mister Chameleon” was issued as another one-track single. Meanwhile, during these years, they popped up on recordings by the likes of Robert Glasper (“Move Love”), the Foreign Exchange (“All the Kisses”), and Eric Roberson (“Just Imagine”). We Are King, their debut album, was released independently in February 2016. ~ Andy Kellman